Visual Standards

Maintaining a cohesive visual look is key to keeping our brand clear in the eyes of our various stakeholders. There are several elements to our visual brand, and by incorporating these elements into your communications, you contribute to our organization’s success.


The UTIA family of logos is the cornerstone of our visual brand. The UT icon, established in 1986, is a stylized treatment incorporating the shape of Tennessee’s state into the letters. Our logo family builds upon this iconic mark and puts visual emphasis on the touchpoints for our clientele––our units.

Full color, stacked version, logo for the UT Institute of Agriculture.

UT AgResearch full color logo
UT Extension full color logo
UT CVM full color logo
UT Gardens full color logo

A broad suite of logos has been established for counties, centers, departments, and offices using identifiers with these logos. Entities that span multiple units use the UTIA logo as their base.

Example of identifier logo for Davidson County UT Extension
Example of identifier logo for West Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center
Example of identifier logo for Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries

In 2018, the Herbert College of Agriculture became the third named college in the University of Tennessee’s history and only the second land-grant agricultural college in the nation to be named from a philanthropic gift. This special naming designation is reflected in the College’s logo, which is visually consistent with the University’s named colleges. Visit to learn more about named college logos.

Full color logo for Herbert College of Agriculture

Brand Promise

A brand promise speaks to the heart and purpose of the organization. At UTIA our brand promise is Real. Life. Solutions. which speaks to the mission our faculty, staff, and students carry out every day.


Brand typography is key to the message being delivered. The Gotham font family is UTIA’s primary font. We partnered with other UT System entities to purchase licenses in bulk, so the cost is only $19.05 per individual user and payable through account transfer. To purchase the font, send an email to with the following information:

Name(s) of individuals 
Account name and number to transfer funds from

Help Us Protect Our Brand

The logos and brand promise marks are visual representations of our brand protected by trademark and licensing. They may not be altered in any way.

Our logos should also have space around them to keep them separate and distinct from other logos. This is sometimes referred to as the “clear space rule.” For our logos, the clear should never be less than the height of the UT icon.

In order to maintain legibility, the minimum size our logos should appear will have the UT icon no smaller than .25″ or 36 pixels in height.