UTIA Voice and Tone Guide

A well-branded organization has a cohesive tone and voice. Following this guide will help you and others create content that sounds and reads as if it were created by one author.

Our Voice

We are proud to create Real. Life. Solutions. for our fellow Tennesseans and our partners around the world. We are experts in our fields—and your next door neighbor. Our students are tomorrow’s leaders. We take on the grand challenges of tomorrow, and we champion the opportunities the field of agriculture provides.

Our Tone

Our tone is conversational, yet direct, simple, and educational in nature. We use plain language to help our readers understand complex subjects. We avoid using acronyms, and if they are used, we spell them out on first reference. We value brevity.

Our Written Identity

The UTIA Editorial Guide sets recommendations to ensure we communicate our identity clearly in text. It provides a framework for consistent communication to our audiences—the public, our clientele, our alumni and friends, our students, and the media.