UTIA Editorial Guide: Referring to UT Extension

Note: For all units, UT, rather than University of Tennessee, is acceptable on first reference when the full name of the university is apparent to the reader.

When referring to a county office, take care to keep the UT Extension name intact.

In running copy, refer to county offices by name and location: UT Extension in Greene County.

In display copy, county offices are referred to as UT Extension with the county name following:

  • UT Extension Williamson County
  • UT Extension Madison County

For joint UT-TSU counties: UT-TSU Extension Hamilton County in all references.

Capitalize when referring to UT Extension. Lowercase when referring to extension as a synonym for outreach. Do not use “the” before Extension: University of Tennessee Extension. Also, do not use Extension Service, UT Ag Extension Service, UT Ag Extension, etc.