Extension Publications Manual: Authorship Guidelines

All numbered Extension educational publications (PBs, SPs,Ws and Ds) should have an author’s name listed prominently in the publication, either on the inside cover or within the first pages of text. If more than one person authored the material, the senior author should be listed first, others following, grouped by departments if possible.

For new publications, the current author(s) should be listed.

For reprints, the following categories apply:

  • If the author is still on staff, no changes.
  • If the author has recently left or retired, the author’s name will continue to be used until the material is revised. A current contact person may be added to the publication if needed.

For revisions, the following categories apply:

  • If the previous author has left or retired, the new author may review the existing material and revise it.
  • If the revision is minor, both the new author revising the material and the previous author will be listed as authors. The previous author’s credit will be listed after the current author and may include either “former” or “Emeritus” if applicable, and may also include “Originally written by” if applicable.
  • If the changes are major, the new author(s) who are revising the material will be listed as author(s) (not the original author). The original author will be acknowledged separately on the inside front cover or other appropriate position as the original author of the material. A major revision also requires review by a new reading committee.

A determination of whether revisions are major or minor will be made collectively by the author(s) and the senior author’s department head. A corresponding author may be identified for a publication if one or more of the authors are not connected with the University of Tennessee, or if they are students who may have left the university.